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DNA and Drug & Alcohol Testing for Legal and Judicial Purposes

Court-Ordered Testing

Courts can order drug or alcohol testing in a variety of different circumstances. The hallmark for court-admissible testing is reliability, which can be assured by a careful chain-of-custody protocol.


Attorneys increasingly order their own drug testing to provide supporting evidence and eliminate unwanted surprises during litigation. ACT provides professional, reliable, admissible test results for any matter.

Drug Court

Drug courts are a diversionary program for people suspected of possessing or using illegal drugs. It gives them a pathway focused on treatment and prevention as an alternative to the punitive nature of criminal justice system.


Pretrial Intervention & Diversion

Minor and first-time drug offenders are being increasingly diverted out of the traditional punitive pathway toward the department of corrections and down a treatment and prevention pathway via drug court programs.


DNA and Drug & Alcohol Testing for Legal and Judicial Purposes

When it comes to legal matters like divorce proceedings, child custody determinations, DUI charges, or pretrial diversion / intervention, the accuracy of drug, alcohol, DNA, and lab testing results is of extreme importance.

Whether you are an attorney, a judge, a social worker, or a Pretrial Diversion / Intervention Officer, ACT can serve as a trusted partner for legal testing.

We offer a variety of court-admissible tests to meet any need for legal and judicial evidence.

Circumstances Calling for Legal Testing

There are a number of situations requiring legal testing services. These include:

  • Child custody cases (drug & alcohol testing)

  • Child visitation rights (drug & alcohol testing)

  • Divorce proceedings (drug and alcohol testing)

  • Criminal case (alcohol and drug testing)

  • Estate or inheritance disputes (drug and alcohol testing)

  • Juvenile, Mental Health, DUI, or Veterans Treatment Drug Court

  • Pretrial diversion or intervention programs (drug & alcohol testing)